Running in Remembrance

Running in Remembrance

Every year, people remember 9/11 in their own way. But for U.S. Coast Guard veteran Jordan Houle and U.S. Marine Corps veteran Ray Salvante, this year they are shedding "shed some sweat" and running 24 miles in honor of those who died. 

At 5 a.m. this morning (September 11, 2020), Jordan and Ray began the first of eight 3-mile runs starting at the Chino Valley Fire Department Station 66 on Peyton and Grand headed towards Chino Hills Parkway and circling back to the station. They’ll run the three-mile loop while carrying an American flag every two hours until the last run at 7 p.m.

People running together holding american flags

Why are they running?  

“We need a morale boost, and we need to come together as a nation and as a community,” said Ray, who owns Conquer-Fit gym in Chino. “There’s still a lot patriotism and we need to spark that.” Jordan, who is the General Manager for the NUTRISHOP® store in Chino Hills, said he’s doing it because “as a proud veteran, any chance I have to shed some sweat for people who have lost their lives, particularly innocent people, I’m all for it.”

Dozens of friends and aquaintances have come out today to either run with the duo or cheer them on. It is a day they will all remember. 

We caught up with Houle and Ray after their third run. Both said they are feeling great and are loving the energy and vibe of the day. Of course, it helps that they're supplementing with CROSSOVER, BCAA COMPLEX and KARBOLYN!

Perhaps this will become an annual event? Good luck guys! We appreciate you!

The group posing together for a photo

Jordan Houle (second from left) and Ray Salvante (third from left) pose with a young man who just got accepted into the L.A. County Fire Academy and two firefighters from Station 66.

Jordan Houle (second from left) and Ray Salvante (third from left) pose with a young man who just got accepted into the L.A. County Fire Academy and two firefighters from Station 66.